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What information is required for Competitors?
What information is required for Competitors?

Required vs Optional Competitor Data

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The only required Competitor Data are the Competitor ID and the Competitor Name. All of the other data are optional, but they may be required to take advantage of certain RocketJudge features.

Optional Features
Competitor Description
The Competitor Description allows you to provide more information about a Competitor to a Judge beyond just the name. Learn more about the difference between Competitor Description and Competitor Name here.

Competitor Group(s)
Groups help sort Competitors into categories for awards, and help match Judges to Competitors. Groups are not visible to Judges, and Competitors can be in multiple Groups. Learn more about Groups here.

Competitor Email  
Competitor Email is required if you want to share feedback after the competition ends with your Competitors using our one-click feedback feature. Learn more about Competitor Email and about One-Click Feedback Feature here.

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