Groups have two main functions:

1. Groups allow you to filter Competitors on the Results page.
Say you have a competition where you have awards based on category; for example, maybe a senior engineering capstone at a university awards "Best Project in Biomedical Engineering," "Best Project in Aerospace Engineering," "Best Project in Mechanical Engineering," etc. 

In RocketJudge, you could tag each Competitor with the appropriate Group. Then, after your competition ends, you can navigate to the Results page and easily filter and see only the Biomedical Engineering Competitors and identify the top team, then filter for the Aerospace Engineering Competitors, and so on.

The goal is for you to be able to announce your winners minutes after your competition ends, no matter how many Groups you have. 


2. Groups allow you to match Judges to Competitors.  
Say you have a competition where you want certain Judges to be assigned to certain Competitors. This might be based on time or space - Judge A is in room 2, or is evaluating projects on Day 1, so she should be matched with Competitors in room 2 or on Day 1. Or it might be based on expertise- perhaps Judge A is an astronaut, and she should be matched with Aerospace Engineering Competitors. 

The goal is for you to take advantage of your Judge's experience or time by matching them to Competitors they are most interested in. 

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