All competitor materials go in the Description Column in the Competitor Upload template. All it takes is formatting the Description column.

You can embed links directly in the Description column, as can be seen in the images here. You can have multiple links, a link and a video, multiple links and a video, links and text, etc., as long as you separate them using a space.

If you'd like to format the links as buttons, so they look nice (here, in the ballot on the left, you can see "Click Here to View Poster") means adding a bit of html.

The Description section for you might like this (I put where the link to your pdf/website will be- it's just a placeholder):

[Click Here to View Poster|link](

You can also change the text in the button to say "View Poster" or just "Poster" or whatever you like.

Here is the general formula:

[Button Text|link](URL)

Please note there is a vertical bar | between "Text" and "link" above. The only fields to change are Button Text and URL.

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