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How long should the Competitor Name be?
How long should the Competitor Name be?

Short and sweet.

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Keep in mind that the Competitor Name is what is BIG on the Judge Ballot. We generally recommend for competitions in physical space, like a poster session or expo, that the Name be whatever is biggest on the display. 

Ideally, your Competitor Name will be short enough so the text doesn't wrap and go into a new line (around 20 characters max). If the Name is longer than 20 characters, the text will wrap. That is fine, but it make it slightly harder for Judges to use. 

Below, for Competitor #B2, Emperor Palpatine is the Competitor Name.

Pro Tip: The Competitor Name doesn't have to be the actual name of the presenter. It could be the name of their project. Use the Competitor Description to add more information.

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