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What is a Competitor ID?
What is a Competitor ID?

What is it and best practices

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Competitor ID is a required part of the Competitor Data. In the gif below, the Competitor Omni Life is an ID of 11, and the Competitor Orbital Calculator has an ID of 34. 

Best Practices 

1. Keep IDs short
We recommend keeping this ID short- most of our clients use 5 characters max. 

2. Make IDs informative for the Judges
Usually, this ID corresponds to where the Competitor is located in physical space.(for example, a Competitor in spot 1 in row A might have the Competitor ID A-01) or the order of the Competitors in time (the first Competitor is 1, the second is 2, etc). 

The ID also might be an Abstract number, or a submission ID. 

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