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After an event is over, judges can join special virtual rooms that we call Result Deliberation rooms. Here, additional video rooms are available next to the results, so judges can discuss the top scoring teams and view their materials, scores, and comments at the same time.

Not all events have the Results Deliberation Rooms enabled.

Step 1: Click View the Results Deliberation Rooms (in red below):

This can be accessed at any time while the event is live, whether or not you have completed your scores.

Step 2: View your Results Deliberation Page

After you click the "View Results Deliberation Room", your page will refresh:

Deliberation Rooms will be available as tabs at the top. In this example, there are two deliberation rooms that can be joined.

The results table can be filtered by searching in the box or by using the dropdown to select a group. You can click the plus sign by a competitor to view their materials as well as any feedback or collaborative notes.

Step 3: Click a tab to join a Deliberation Room

Once you click a tab, the boxes will expand to display a Video Room and a Collaborative Deliberation room.

Click "Join Video Room" to join the room. If you click on the eye icon next to "Join Video Room", you will see what participants are already in the room.

The Text Box at Right is a collaborative chat, private to you and the judges.

Step 4: Click “View Your Ballot” to return to scoring

Need to return to your ballot to edit your scores? Click “View Your Ballot” at the top left by your name to return to your ballot sheet. Your page will refresh.

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