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troubleshooting screen sharing

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To share your screen as a Competitor, click the arrow icon below your picture at the bottom right.

You will then be prompted to select which screen you'd like to share. Click the window you'd like to share.

Please note: the screen you share must be 'visible' to the browser. As a result, presentation mode is not supported.

The most common issue with screen sharing occurs on Mac devices, where the browser does not have permission to screen share. Follow the instructions below to add a browser for screen sharing on Mac.

Adding a Browser for Screen sharing on Mac

On a Mac, navigate to the System Preferences. Select Security and Privacy. You should see see four options: General, FileVault, Firewall, and Privacy. Select Privacy.

There is a column on the left hand side starting with Location Services. Scroll down to "Screen Recording." Add your desired browser to the list. Make sure to save your changes.

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