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For Judges: Best Practices for Live Video
For Judges: Best Practices for Live Video
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Check out these tips below to have a good experience using RocketJudge!

1. Do not create an account at

Only event organizers need to create accounts. There are no log ins required for judges or competitors in our platform. You will be sent a unique link via email prior to the competition start date/time.

2. Use a recommended browser.
We recommend Chrome or Firefox, which can be downloaded for free. We do not recommend Safari. For best use and for your own web security, we recommend keeping your browser up to date. Furthermore, we recommend using a non-work laptop or desktop computer if possible- some judges have reported security settings set by their employers that blocked outside websites, including RocketJudge.

3. Check your audio and video in advance if possible!
Our video platform was built on the Amazon Chime SDK. You can test your audio and video here:

4. If you have issues with audio or video...
This is likely due to permissions in your browser. In both Chrome and Firefox, these permissions can be adjusted by clicking on the lock icon in the URL.

In Firefox, this looks like so:

In Chrome, this looks like so:

You might also try opening the link in incognito or private browsing mode.

5. If you have laggy wifi or connectivity issues...

Try switching to cellular data or a mobile hot spot instead of wifi.

6. For Competitors, you may see a wait screen for a while.

Depending on how your competition is structured, you might have a short specific time session (which may be included in your RocketJudge email), or a longer time session. If you have to wait- don't fear! It just means judges haven't gotten to you yet.

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