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Options you can set for live video

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After live video is turned on for your event by RocketJudge staff, the Video Event Details module will appear on the Dashboard tab (scroll down to see it!).

Minimum Number of Judges in Interview Room

The interview rooms between Judges and Competitors will only open when this many Judges are present.

Default Tab on Judge's Ballot

Using this dropdown box, you can change the default tab displayed on the Judge's ballot. You can choose between Description and Collaborative Editor. In the image below, you can see that the default tab is set to Description.

Visiblity of Collaborative Text Editor

Using this dropdown box, you can set the collaborative editor to Private (visible to Judges only) or to Shared (visible to Judges and Competitors) or to Hidden (which effectively turns off the Editor).

To learn more about the collaborative editor, click here.

Competitor Visibility in Judges' Score Deliberation Rooms

If you have Results Deliberation Rooms enabled for your event, Judges will have access to additional rooms to discuss the results. Using this dropdown, you can control what the Judges view: the scores and comments related to all competitors, or related to only those competitors in the same Groups, or related only to those competitors assigned to that specific Judge.

To turn on Results Deliberation Rooms, contact your RocketJudge lead. To learn more about the Results Deliberation Rooms, click here.

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