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How does RocketJudge live video work?
How does RocketJudge live video work?

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Our live video platform automatically builds and integrates live video interview rooms for Judges to interview Competitors, saving you the hassle of coordinating a zillion zoom rooms.

Each Competitor has their own video "room", and Judges move from Competitor to Competitor.

In this way, it is impossible for Competitors to accidentally enter the wrong room- they are only provided the link to their individual room- or to interrupt an ongoing interview judges are doing with a different Competitor.

Judges also have access to private judges only deliberation rooms, allowing them to interview a Competitor, then debrief privately in a separate room with one click, then continue on to the next interview.

We also have the ability to set the minimum number of judges in an interview room- an important detail for our K12 clients. Click here to learn more about Video Details you can modify.

Click here to check out the Judge experience, and click here to learn more about the Competitor experience.

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