Sessions are used to tell Judges and Competitors when interviews are. They don't have any "power"- Competitors and Judges can enter interview rooms outside of a Session, and Judges can see all Competitors and their Sessions once they are checked in.

Important: Competitors can only be in one time slot. All Judges see this same time slot.

Because of this, this Schedule feature is really best used for group interviews, where many Judges interview one competitor (which might be a team or an individual) all at one time. You might assign each Competitor one 15-60 minute time block.

If you are doing individual interviews, you can use the Schedule feature to set more broad sessions, like Tuesday morning 9 am - noon, indicating to judges that they can do their interview at any time in that window.

This feature is optional. It may be that your competition schedule is highly complex. In that case, the Schedule feature might not be a good fit for your event. We have some clients who have set up their own schedules on their own websites or on documents shared internally amongst judges and competitors.

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