There are two ways to add Competitor(s) to a Session. Note: Competitors and Sessions must be added first.

Way 1: Through the Schedule Tab (fast)

On the Schedule tab, you'll see your Sessions. Click on the Session you want to add a competitor to. Here, let's click Session A.

On the Session A page, you can edit the Name, Description, and Start/End Times. To add Competitor(s), click "Schedule Competitors."

You'll then see a list of all your competitors. In the image below, no competitors have been assigned a schedule, so they are all labeled as "Not Scheduled." To add a Competitor to Session A, click the "Add to Session" button by that Competitor's name.

The list will then update to show the competitor now scheduled for Session A:

As you continue to add Competitors to Sessions, this list will update.

Tips and Tricks

You can use the Search bar (by the magnifying glass that says "Search the Table") to search for a Competitor's name, or you can Filter the table by Groups, if your competitors are in Groups.

Importantly, a Competitor can only be assigned to one session at a time.

However, multiple Competitors can be assigned to the same Session:

Above, two Competitors have now been assigned to Session A.

You can edit a Competitor's Session at any time (before, during, or after an event).

Way 2: Through the Individual Competitor pages (slow)

Click on the Competitor tab. Click on the name of the Competitor you'd like to assign to a Session.

This opens up their Competitor page. Click the dropdown box labeled "Select a Session."

When you click on the box, a dropdown menu will appear showing the different time slots available. Click on the desired time slot.

The time slot you picked will then appear in the box. Click Update Competitor to save.

Repeat as needed for other Competitors.

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