Sessions are timed periods within your event. They can be used to tell Judges when to interview a particular Competitor.

Session do not control when a Competitor can be interviewed or when a Judge can see a Competitor in their list of assigned competitors. This is true whether you use our live video interface feature or not. They simply provide a note or guideline to Judges and Competitors on when the interview will be.

To add a Session, click "Add Session":

Enter a Short Name (recommended to be under 10 characters), a description (optional), the start and end time, and the maximum number of competitors that a judge should will be assigned from that session. Click Add Session when finished.

Sessions Names can only be seen by you, the organizer, when you're logged into your account, so name them something that make sense to you. Something generic (A, B, or 1, 2) is fine, and we recommend you keep them short (under 20 characters).

To add an additional session, click the green Add a Session button.

To edit a Session, click on the Name of the Session you want to edit.

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