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RocketJudge is a platform designed to streamline competitions. We work with more than 500 different competitions a year around the world to provide electronic scoring for professional conferences, university poster sessions, invention conventions, science fairs, basketball tryouts, Crossfit competitions, photography contests, beauty pageants, barbecue cook-offs, and more. (Check out our Customer Stories page for more information.)

If you have been using Excel spreadsheets or paper ballots (yikes!) to manage your competition, we're telling you: there's a better way. 

Taking your competition electronic with RocketJudge means you don't spend hours and hours assigning competitors to judges, only to have those judges not show up. 

It means automatically matching judges to competitors based on expertise or category. 

It means not deciphering judge handwriting or chasing judges into the parking lot (or hounding them over email) to get their scores. 

It means instantly announcing your winner the moment scoring ends.

If these problems sound similar to the issues you face handling your competition, check us out! Demo mode is always free, and we built a (nerdy) Star Wars tutorial for you to try it out yourself.  

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