Competitors per judge is how many competitors each judge should evaluate. Learn more about our auto-assignment feature here.

To determine this number, start by deciding how many evaluations you want each Competitor to have (most clients aim for 3).

Then, determine your total number of Competitors and total number of Judges. A little math gets you to Competitors per Judge:

Total # Competitors x (evaluations wanted per Competitor) = total evaluations

Total evaluations / (0.8 x total # Judges) = Competitors per Judge

We recommend multiplying your number of Judges by 0.8 to reflect 20% no show judges, just in case. 

You might also consider how much time you want each judge to spend with a Competitor. If the Judges need to do an interview, they may need 10-15 minutes; if they're just reviewing a poster or watching a pitch video, they may only need 5. The Competitors per Judge number should reflect what's doable in your given Judging period- in 30 minutes, Judges could do 2 or 3 interviews, or ~6 short videos.

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