There are several ways to monitor your event progress. 

Option 1: In the Event Dashboard tab (least amount of detail)
A bar graph at the top of the page updates with completed ballots versus event time remaining.  

Option 2: In the Competitor tab
Two columns in the Competitor tab show the number of Assignments (that is, the number of Judges assigned to evaluate that Competitor) and the Progress as a % (the number of judges who have completed their ballots of the assigned judges).

Option 3: In the Judge tab (most amount of detail)
Three columns show the number of Assignments (that is, the number of Competitors assigned to that Judge), the number of Completed Assignments, and Progress as a % (number completed over assigned).

The status column also shows the last time that Judge interacted with their ballot, and what that interaction was (moving a slider to score a Competitor, opening the email, etc.).

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