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We totally get it. We actually think there are lots of situations where using Google Forms makes more sense than using something more sophisticated like RocketJudge. What we've found is it really depends on your priorities (and, to some extent, your budget).

Top Ten Differences between RocketJudge and Google Forms/Other Forms

  1. RocketJudge automatically assigns projects to judges to evaluate.

  2. RocketJudge automatically matches judges to projects based on their subgroup or expertise.

  3. RocketJudge allows you to easily change judge assignments on the fly, and won't assign judges to any posters that are conflicts of interest. 

  4. The RocketJudge judge interface was designed specifically for ease of use on mobile devices (i.e., the slider bar, place to leave comments, etc). Google forms can be a little more finicky, and heaven forbid you accidentally click "back"- your scores won't save!

  5. On that note- with RocketJudge, if judges lose wifi/data connectivity, the page will still load and continue to save automatically locally (in the browser). Scores are automatically uploaded into our system constantly. 

  6. Judges can edit scores until the judging period is over; with Google forms, that is likely not possible unless you set up some kind of Google Sheet, but then you'd have Judges accessing the master log of all scores. 

  7. RocketJudge allows you to send feedback to Competitors with one click, already anonymized. This is something you can do with forms, but you'd need to match the feedback to the correct email address, and use some kind of mail merge thing- I know it's possible, but I'm not sure 100% how to do that. 

  8. RocketJudge allows you to monitor the scoring in real time, and make sure that all your Competitors are evaluated enough times to be fair. 

  9. RocketJudge automatically generates "best of session" awards- the ranked list is available the instant the competition ends for any group you need. This is probably possible in Google Sheets, but I'm guessing it's slightly more complicated. Not impossible, but more effort for sure.  

This list is mostly about our features, but I think the main difference (#10) is the amount of work and time each option takes. With RocketJudge, you set up everything in less than 10 minutes, and then everything else takes very little time from there- judges are auto assigned the way you want, without you having to worry about matches; ballots come in and automatically display your winners; anonymized feedback goes to your Competitors with one click. And you can monitor everything in real time.

Using RocketJudge for your event comes down to whether the things in that list are important. For some competition, they're not, and something like Google Forms is sufficient. Some events are more complicated, or the organizers just like having a tool that looks good and is super easy for them and the judges to use; then RocketJudge is more appropriate.

We've been in business long enough to know that RocketJudge isn't the best choice for everyone. If you're still on the fence, let's chat! Shoot us an email at

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