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Managing Uneven Groups
Managing Uneven Groups
managing uneven Groups for Judge Matching
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Some of our clients- especially science fair clients- run into the issue of uneven numbers of judges and competitors in Groups.

Maybe you are running a science fair, and you have a huge number of judges interested in judging biology projects, but not too many for chemistry. You look at your projects and you only have a handful of biology projects, but a ton of chemistry projects.

We have two similar strategies we recommend for dealing with this issue:

  1. Put Judges in multiple Groups

  2. Make new Groups that absorb multiple existing Groups (almost like a  SuperGroup)

For the second path, the Competitors remain in their original Group, and then you also add the second Group. For example, Competitors tagged in the Group Biology ("BIO") might be given a second tag for the Group Life Sciences ("LIFE"). 

We generally recommend this second path over the first, as it gives the most flexibility in what Competitors Judges can evaluate. 

For the most part, we encourage competition organizers and judges to be flexible in what they can judge.

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