How do I add Judges?

Two options: one by one, or using our template to upload in bulk

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There are two ways to add Judges.

Adding Competitors One By One
To add Judges one by one, this, first navigate to the Judges tab.  Click "Add New Judge," the green box in the top bar. Follow the steps by entering the JudgeName, Judge Email, Judge Tag(s) (optional), and Judge Phone Number (optional). Please note: demo mode users may only add five Judges max.  

Adding Judges by Bulk Upload
To add Judges by Bulk Upload, first navigate to the Judges tab. Then Click "Upload Judges" on the right hand side of the screen. View and download the template here.

Please note: the Bulk Upload feature is only available to upgraded users. 

Download the spreadsheet, and enter your Judge Data in the appropriate column using Excel/another spreadsheet manager. 

Please note: the Bulk Upload will not be successful if you change the order of the columns OR eliminate the column headings. Do not delete any column headings.

Click "Upload" and select the file from your computer to upload. Uploading takes less than one minute. Please review your upload for errors. 

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