If your event has criteria with different weights, you can use the "Multiplier" column on the Criteria panel. If all your criteria are the same weight, we recommend you use "1" as your criteria multiplier.

The "Multiplier" column can have any integer value: that's positive numbers, negative numbers, or 0. 

Here are some examples:

Say you have Criteria A, B, and C that add up to 100%. If A is worth 50% of the score, B is worth 15%, and C is worth 20%, you would enter "50" as the Multiplier for A, "15" as the Multiplier for B, and "35" for the Multiplier for C. 

Say you have a penalty criterion that costs 20 points. Set the Criterion Minimum Value to 0 and the Max Value to 1. Enter "-20" for the Multiplier. 

Say you have a criterion you want the judges to score, but you don't want it to count towards the overall score. Enter "0" for the Multiplier.  

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